Free DOS games and links for beginner game programmers Free DOS games and links for beginner game programmers
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Here are some excellent links to get you started programming games for DOS. --- This is where you can download the compiler and other utilities you will need to write C or C++ programs and compile them. All of the files are freeware. Although the site may seem confusing at first stick with it as all the download information and installation help is contained there. --- Once you have installed the compiler and utilities you will need a graphics library. A graphics library is linked to your C or C++ code so it can display graphics on-screen. The graphics library available on this web site is called Allegro. It is excellent for all needs, from basic 2-D to more advanced 3-D graphics. What's more it's free!

For more information on DOS programming using Allegro visit: --- This web site contains everything an Allegro user could possibly want, games developed with Allegro and their source code, forums, tutorials, the lot. You can even post your game up here for everyone else to download and rate. An essential visit!

If you need music for your games visit: --- This excellent web site contains the best music from all your favourite games in MIDI format. The MIDI files can be incorporated into your games using Allegro. Perfect for the non-musical programmer.

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