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If you have a password to enter for Martian Mayhem click here

Martian Mayhem is a fun and challenging game similar to the old arcade hit Space Invaders but with some additions.

In case you need to be reminded of its game style you must shoot all martians before the reach the bottom of the screen. In this game you can collect a blast power-up which can take out a whole line of martians at once (or if you are good, two lines). Free lives can also be collected by shooting a martian which appears at the top of the screen. There are three difficulty settings to challenge your skills and a high score table to save your best scores.

When you complete this game you will recieve a password which will give you access to a HALL OF FAME for that difficulty setting. Passwords acquired can be entered here

The HALL oF FAME can be viewed here.

This project is finished and you can get it here. Enjoy!

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