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10th January 2009

I fixed the missing download for Martian Mayhem so it is available again for download on the files page. Have fun!!!

5th November 2008

Hi all, it's been 6 years since I updated this website but today I made a few changes. First I re-uploaded 2 of my games MoonMan and Fretris to my own server and you can now download them on the files page. It would be fun to hear what you thought of them after I completed them a few years ago, email me :D


My new game Martian Mayhem is now available for download. I have added a HALL OF FAME for the game also. You can get on the HALL OF FAME by passing the game and entering the password you recieve here.. Be the first to get your name on the HALL OF FAME!


The game downloads are now back up. Have fun!


My games are temporarily down. I will try to fix this as soon as possible.


Added my new project Martian Mayhem. Check it out


Found a more reliable host for my games so now there should be no problems downloading my games (unless of course you are behind a firewall of some sort)


Changed the location of the secret page because most people said that it was too easy to find. It should be a lot more difficult now...


Changed the download links for my games to point to the page which hosts them on This is because I had a few emails saying that the games could not be download from within the site. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


I have included a secret page somewhere on the site. See if you can find it. These people have found it already


Sorry for the lack of updates recently but things are hectic with college and all. I will try to post some new stuff soon but no promises.The good news is that I will probably be writing a game for my final year project and will more than likely be using DirectX so stay tuned.


Ideas are already brewing for my next game. This time it has to be a tile-based side-scroller. I will have to create a level editor first though. Maybe it can be a sequel to MoonMan (fastest game sequel in history?)


Well I have started back in college (last year!) but I will try not to let that stop me from producing games. They just might come a bit slower thats all.


Fretris is finished at last! You can download it here.


Along with continuing tweaking of the Fretris's gameplay. I have now added sound effects and music.


Started work on the title screen for Fretris. It will include a menu which allows an options, highscore and credits screen to be accessed.


The basic gameplay in Fretris is just about finished. Players can move shapes left, right and down and also can rotate the shapes clockwise or anti-clockwise. Lines disappear when formed and the game ends when the shapes reach the top of the screen.


Gave the shapes in Fretris intelligence. Now shapes can be stacked on one another and also will not pass through each other if brought in sideways. They are also confined by the game area.


Completed the code to build the Fretris' shapes. All the shapes in the game are made up of four small blocks which are rearranged to rotate the shapes. These blocks also disappear when a line is formed.


Completed some of the graphics for Fretris, mainly the blocks. This game will have a 640 x 480 resolution..


Had a thought that it was about time that I started on my second game. I have decided to go with something I know -- Tetris. It will be called Fretris.


MoonMan is about finished but it still needs tweaking. It is far from perfect. I have decided to make it available anyway along with the source code. You can get it here.


Decided to revise the scoring process for MoonMan. I have settled on an on-screen bar which slides to the right if an object is collected and to the left if an object is missed. If it gets to the far right Moonman advances to the next level. If it gets to the far left the game is over. I felt this would add a degree of competition to the game.


Added on-screen score to show number of objects collected.


Collectable object now appears randomly on the grid and there is collision detection between it and MoonMan.


Added collectable object but has no collision detection.


MoonMan can now move around the background (a grid). He can move to each square and also appears on the opposite side of the grid if moved off it.


Completed the background graphics for the game and also created the main sprite. Also decided on a name for the game, "MoonMan". Hardly original I know but it leaves a lot of openings for storylines and plots. Maybe it can become a series of games (wishful thinking!).


After messing about with the graphics libraries for a week I have decided to try to create some sort of game. I thought about it for a bit and have decided to make a game where the main objective is to collect randomly appearing items before they disappear. Now comes the hard part - actually programming the thing.


I eventually got around to starting what is my lifelong ambition - creating games. I got on the Net and searched for ways to start and I found out the best way is to start programming games for DOS using the C programming language. The software recommended to achieve this was the C compiler for DOS called DJGPP and a library for graphics called Allegro. If you would like to get these visit the links page for the relevant download sites.

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